He Will Not Fail

We covenanted with the Light, to journey through the darkness together.

And yet, He has not failed.

We promised faithfulness, ignorant to the ferocity with which our flesh would tear and claw to separate itself from another sinner, screaming to leave and run to safety.

And yet, He has not failed.

We hoped for joy and healing, anticipating their arrival with time and security, unaware that sin, pain, and powers of darkness would repeatedly rob us of both.

And yet, He has not failed.

We stayed, when our hearts told us there was nothing left of our dreams to stay for.

And yet, He has not failed.

We stay still,

praying for the passing of this present suffering,

the wind and crashing waves, the fiery trials of faith,

decaying bodies, broken hearts, and failing minds,

believing we may only crawl across heaven’s threshold

as though some faint tug were pulling us forward,

crawling with weary souls and scarred hands,

aware that it was the scarred hands of Another drawing us in.

And yet, He will not fail.

N. R. Barnfield
Written 5/3/22.